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Special Projects: The Sound of Movement

Cilla Vee - Life ArtsImprovised Sound & Movement.
In-the-moment composition to make real art in real time.

The focus is on equal collaboration
between  movement and sound.

The principal is that of each being mutually independent as a strong solo entity, yet interweaving to create a fabric which is doubled in its strength and diversity.

Dance as an instrument. Music that moves.

Cilla Vee - Life ArtsThe music does not exist only to accompany the dance.
The dance is not merely a puppet which interprets the music.
These are equal voices conversing in time, space, motion and rhythm.

Cilla Vee - Life Arts

Examples of some Sound of Movement events:

Mix 'n' Match
Dancers and musicians who have never previously collaborated are paired up in an improvised duet.

Open Forum
A large group of dancers and musicians perform a long, continuous improvisation, structured to allow individuals to enter and leave the scene.

Brew Ha Ha – Bubble & Squeak
An open improvisation involving several dancers and musicians crammed into a very small space!

Solo Tour
Cilla Vee – Life Arts director Claire Elizabeth Barratt tours as a solo dancer, performing improvised collaborations with local musicians.

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