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Cilla Vee - Life ArtsSpecial Projects: Motion Sculpture

“Motion Sculpture is the beauty of the living body as pure art.
Every second can be captured and frozen in time as a piece of sculpture.
It is constantly, incrementally changing and shifting, like the sands of the desert, creating new landscape and form with every breath.
It is a sculpture in which the clay is the creator,
perpetually reinventing itself.
Smooth and seamless, it is all transition, yet all vital shape.
Sometimes lingering for a moment while the eyes, a breath, a gentle impulse from inside the form quietly forges a new direction in space.
Motion Sculpture is the profound meeting of time, space, energy and matter in art.”

Motion Sculpture is an original movement style, developed by
Cilla Vee – Life Arts director Claire Elizabeth Barratt.
There are elements in the movement quality that are similar to meditational practices such as Tai Chi, Yoga and Butoh.

Cilla Vee - Life Arts  

In performance, Motion Sculpture is usually used within the context of “Movement Installation” wherein the performers exist for an extended duration as part of an environment.

A Motion Sculpture Movement Installation can be designed for any event.

Cilla Vee - Life ArtsPrevious commissions include the following:

Aliens – Grand Surrealists Ball, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center NYC
Butterflies & Flowers – Fiesta Del Flores, New York Botanical Gardens NYC
Cabaret Noir – Design District event, Art Basel Miami FL
From The Deep – Friends of the Hudson River gala, Chelsea Piers NYC
Spirits Soaring – Sunset Series, Wave Hill Garden & Cultural Center NYC
Water Nymphs – Planet Magazine “Water” issue launch party NYC
Tara, Goddess of Compassion – RiverSculpture Festival, Asheville NC

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