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Splat! With composer / musician Jonathon Morris :: Transmodern Age Festival, Baltimore, MD, April 2005

This piece represents a life journey through the use of color.
White for new beginnings and openness, Yellow for warmth and embrace, Black for disillusionment and criticism, Blue for despair and despondency, Red for anger and vengeance and finally everything merges in breakdown.

Human Clay With sculptor Hisayasu Takashio, action gesture drawing by Fred Hatt, sound by Marianne Giosa, Judith Berkson and / or Sabine Arnaud :: Chashama 42nd Street Storefront, NYC, June 2004 & August 2005

A constant shifting of landscapes composed of human, rope and twisted tree branch sculptures. The sculptor fervently constructs, molds and forms these elements in a race against time before they give in to gravity and gradually melt towards the ground.

The Carmen Miranda Tropical Installation With Yukijurushi Bossa Nova Band, paintings by Sonomi koayashi, live gesture drawing by Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz :: Chashama 42nd Street storefront, NYC, June 2004 & August 2005

Vibrant, lush, colorful and playful, Carmen Miranda invites one into a Pina Colada – sipping paradise. Exotic and relaxing, it's like going on vacation!

Gold Leaf With sound by Joyful Sonic Wash :: Metro Baptist Church, NYC, October 2006

A rich, mystical journey.
Soft, sensual, exotic, spiritual – with a hint of sweet spices hanging in the air.

Between MA & a Soft Space With microtonal soundscape by David Beardsley and movement gesture drawing by Lara Hanson :: Chashama 42nd Street, NYC, August 2005

This installation explores the Japanese concept of “MA”. Expressing the “in between”.
The silence between sounds, the space between shapes, the stillness between movements.

Spirits Soaring With Angel-song by Janet G Barratt, Rachel Schlafer-Parton and LaDonna Smith
:: Wave Hill – Garden & Cultural Center, NYC, July 2006

Designed for a picturesque, outdoor location. Sound, motion, color and form blend with nature in a meditation that is mesmerizing, uplifting and regenerating.


From The Deep With improvised water-music by Daniel Carter and Marianne Giosa
:: Chashama 42nd Street, NYC, August 2005

A whirl pool of water sprites and fantastical sea creatures.


Wind in Bamboo With sound & movement artist Elisa Faires, Bamboo sculpture by Larry King :: RiverSculpture Festival, Asheville, NC, October 2007

A simple concept. Sound & movement portray the wind blowing through bamboo reeds.

From The Soul These images show the culmination of workshops presented with Ottawa's Dance Space 637 and the rock sculptures of John Ceprano at Remic Rapids :: Remic Rapids, Ottawa River, ON, Summer seasons 2005, 2006 & 2007

“From The Soul” explores elements of the three movement disciplines:
Isadora Duncan Technique, Butoh Dance and Motion Sculpture.
Each of these three approaches to movement challenges the Human to first, connect with themselves and then channel into the power of the Earth, the Spirit and the Universe around them. They each recognize and embrace the honesty of human emotion as a vital source from which to create.

Wedding Dance, 2005
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Throwing Cares to the Wind, 2006
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LifeForce, 2007


The most valuable and rewarding part of any performance – The Audience.
These images capture some unique individuals and their responses to a “Cilla Vee” event!

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